I AM DESYOR. #dungeonsanddragqueens

(Lol yeah I wore my Diego wig)
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Happy birthday & Congratulations on the 151th anniversary , Speedwagon!
Do you have a feeling of wanting to celebrate him , Usuke…?
WTF?! What the “ordinary” art ?!…sorry…I…I have only “that feeling”.
BTW, besides the number of 151 is a very good sound as a rum drinker<3

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Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do…

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Two hour-long drawing commissions for two great friends who helped me pay a parking ticket!

(I accidentally spent more than an hour on both because I was having so much fun oops)

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Playing with my brushpen, watercolors, and colored pencils

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I still might tweak a couple things, and this isn’t the finished costume, but I’m really happy with how my Diego wig turned out.

I don’t really document my process ever but I did this time, so here you go!

Bonus closet Diego cosplay

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my opinion on the jojo ova

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All the single Queens
All the single Queens

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Two drawings for Jojo 60min.

Monster AU and Tears were the prompts.

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Some fun dinosaur drawings from the last month or so.

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glamazon vampire man

bi moji pen + copic

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Vanilla Ice sketch

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So at Kumoricon a few weeks ago I was part of a skit team.  We put together a little dance number called “Do Your Best”.  Our masters comedic dance ended up earning us Best in Show!  Anyways, here is a shot of the end of the skit and one of us after winning. 

Both photos by the talened Jason DeSomer

Working on this skit made my year.

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Tonight’s Jojo 60min theme was “Friendship

I’ve been really into inking again now that I bought myself another bristol sketchbook. Might fix up some things digitally and rework this into a print for NewCon.

Normally, I won’t tag Jojo spoilers for anything older than SBR because the series is as old as I am, but since the SDC anime isn’t here yet, I’ll tag this one

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