Update on that Gamagoori wig I was working on a while ago. Here it is on my friend who commissioned me for it.

It’s not on his head correctly so that you can better see the hairline work I did on it due to the contrast with his natural hair.

My shitty 70s apartment has shitty 70s apartment lighting.

Anyway, aside from one small mistake, I’m pretty happy with how it came out!

Attention Portland: Stolen bike!!

Some RUDE ASS MOTHER FUCKER stole my friend’s bike!

Stolen from Baker Apt building basement on NW 20th and Lovejoy. Electra Cruiser. Pink with red and white hearts. It has a dent in the front fender which she tried to paint over with pink paint. It has a wicker basket that is lined with large red polka dot fabric tied on with red polka dot ribbon. It has two squeaker horns, a koala and a blue cute whale. 
It’s very distinct so it WILL stand out. I’m pretty sure it’s the only one in Portland. 
It had flat tires, too so whoever took it probably didn’t get far.

Please signal boost if you live in the area, and refer to this craigslist post if you see or hear anything.