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Logo for Sporkbot

Look at this awesome shit my friend made for me.

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Here’s what I drew tonight in the hangout! Thanks to everyone who joined us.

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my hair is unstoppable.

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Pastel Pillar Men

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Here are two more quick photos of the half-assed Polnareff costume I threw together for my friend’s party.

The shirt was surprisingly comfortable and also far stupider than I ever imagined.

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Don’t mind me just hangin with a turtle. #jjba #polnareff #jojosbizarreadventure #cosplay #cocojumbo

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I went shopping. #ootd #catsofinstagram #metal #fashion #questionablefashionchoices

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Don’t talk to strangers
Cause they’re only there to do you harm
Don’t write in starlight
'Cause the words may come out real
Don’t hide in doorways
You may find the key that opens up your soul
Don’t go to Heaven cause it’s really only Hell

Tonight’s Jojo_60min prompt was Over Heaven, and I love Dio (both brando and ronnie james)

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Welcome to the team, Polnareff.

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Scary monsters  (◡‿◡✿)

People turning into scary monsters (⊙‿⊙✿)

People turning into scary monsters and suffering from crippling crises of identity while struggling to maintain their sense of self worth and convince people not to be scared of them (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

But how about People turning in to a Scary Monster and accepting the the horrible beasts they’ve become.

How about Diego Brando


I have always been a Scary Monster

I will continue to be a Scary Monster

I will die a Scary Monster

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honeyrey said I couldn’t go to bed until I drew her some Speedwagon porn.

No man should ever be as cute as SPW. I want to bash his face in with that hammer and hold him while he cries, precious baby spedwed.

uh oh a penis.

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My friends and I should not be allowed near photo booths. ESPECIALLY at concerts.

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Tested out some Diego makeup, but I’m not too happy with the outcome. I really would like to use some collodion to make it look like my face is actually split open, but I’m all out unfortunately. Also, I’m not really digging on the brown contacts. They’re supposed to be yellowish — they’re my Altair pair — but I guess the light is just not in my favor right now.

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I got bored so I did some Kars inspired makeup.

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